Dr Nick Zygouris Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Nick Zygouris

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Finding the right counsellor or psychologist in Birmingham, Solihull and the City of London for psychotherapy can be a daunting process. What many people seek is confidence that, whatever their psychological needs, they will be cared for with understanding and professionalism. That an expert, who has extensive experience and training, will offer to help them achieve their full potential and overcome psychological difficulties.

I’m a Consultant Clinical Psychologist offering private consultations in Birmingham, Solihull and the City of London. I can offer you a comprehensive psychological assessment, psychotherapy, life coaching, medico-legal services, training, clinical supervision and consultancy. I have helped hundreds of individuals, couples and families develop psychologically and live happier and productive lives. You can find out more about me here.

If you are looking for a psychologist, psychotherapist or a counsellor in Birmingham, Solihull or the City of London, contact me for an informal, no obligation, discussion. It can take a long time to see a psychologist in the NHS for psychotherapy, but I see most of my new clients within 48 hours for an initial consultation. I also work with a select number of associates.

What clients say about me…

Nick helped me become more confident and stable in our time together. I benefitted a great deal from his professional care. He is attentive and knowledgeable, caring and reassuring. I would strongly recommend him to anyone in need.

Past patient

I have tried counselling in the past and I didn’t take to it and it put me off trying again when I faced some challenges last year. But Nick was great and I am so glad I saw him. From the outset, I trusted him and was able to work through my challenges with him. He was also not afraid to challenge my thoughts and assumptions. I cannot recommend him enough.

Past patient

Dr Zygouris is my go-to Psychologist to help patients with mental health problems. My patients are satisfied and make great progress with him. Thank you for the great work.

Health Professional

As somebody who had never received help for mental health problems before I was quite apprehensive to start CBT. However, such feelings dissipated almost immediately after meeting Dr Nick as he made me feel so welcome and comfortable. He has a very calm and soothing nature whilst he would also often be able to make me laugh during the lowest and darkest times of my life.

Past patient

I was referred to Dr Zygouris by my doctor. He has helped me tremendously with stress and depression; I am in a much-improved position now thanks to Dr Zygouris.

Past patient

I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I really appreciate it.

Past patient

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Please note that Dr Nick cannot take on new clients until January 2020.

You don’t need a referral to see a private Clinical Psychologist in Birmingham, Solihull, and in the City of London.

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