Anxiety Therapy in Birmingham: Taking Steps towards Inner Peace

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If you require counselling and psychotherapy for anxiety in Birmingham, Dr Nick, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, is keen to help you reduce your feelings of anxiety and teach you techniques that bring symptoms under control.

Symptoms of Anxiety

People use many words to describe the unpleasant feeling of anxiety. But perhaps it is best described as a feeling of unease, worry and fear. Although stress is something, everybody, experiences at some point, many people suffer from it worse than others, to the point where it overtakes their life. Day-to-day stress is different from anxiety. Our free online test may give you a better indication if your stress is likely to be anxiety.

Physical symptoms include a racing heart, sweaty palms, dizziness and having troubles concentrating. You might also feel restless and have trouble sleeping when anxious. Effective anxiety management techniques can help you feel better when you have these symptoms.

Causes of Anxiety

Often significant events can cause anxiety. For example, if someone is unsuccessful in finding a job, has money problems, goes to the hospital, is bullied at work, moves away from home, or gets divorced, they could start suffering from anxiety. However, sometimes the causes aren’t so obvious and easy to pinpoint.

Some scientists still debate the exact causes of Generalised Anxiety Disorder. The reasons seem to be linked to overactivity in certain parts of the brain and the genes. People who have a history of stressful or traumatic experiences and painful long-term health problems are also more likely to suffer from anxiety. That said, some people develop this condition for no apparent reason.

How Psychotherapy for Anxiety can help you

Dr Nick’s anxiety therapy in Birmingham can help you discover the leading causes of your anxiety and help you find out the best anxiety management techniques for you so that you may bring it under control. Why not discover more about therapy for anxiety in Birmingham or take a quick free online test.