Where to look for inspiration when nothing seems to work

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Inspiration comes and goes, and for creatives, it can be particularly stressful if they hit a wall, coming up blank with innovative ideas, normally when needed most.

This lack of inspiration can lead to someone experiencing anxiety and other bad mental health issues. Read here with some helpful tips to find inspiration when inspiration seems lost.

Look to the Past

Sometimes looking to the past can be helpful, especially when searching for inspiration as an artist or creative. Previous work or unused ideas can function as a starting point for just what you need.

At times looking at old work or ideas can leave you thinking, “I would have done… “ or “This is how I could do…”.  At times reworking an old idea can give an outcome you did not expect in the best possible way.

Examine What is Close to You

Is there something or someone that you feel passionately about? This can be a cause or a person, an animal, or an object – the world is your oyster.

When looking for inspiration, examine if there is anything that links to something you feel a particular way about. These can be things that make you feel good or bad. Sometimes ideas can come from a bad place and uniquely inspire you.

If you find something that makes you feel a particular way, consider using that as your inspiration, as the more passionate you feel about something, the better the end result.

Enrich Your Life

Take the time to branch out and enrich your life. This can come in the forms of books, music, or mixed media such as audiobooks, music – the list goes on.

Try things that you may not have tried before, whether that is from a new place or situation. Taking this simple step can surprise you. Inspiration can come from the smallest of seeds and blossom into something beautiful.

Find a new TED Talk, grab a new book or travel to that location you have wanted to travel to. Not only will it create new memories, but it also gives you experiences to draw off and might just be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Trust Your Gut

Is there an idea that stands out to you? Something that came to mind at once.

Don’t talk yourself out of trusting your gut, as most of the time, those struggling with inspiration will find themself going back to their very first idea.

If your gut is telling you to go with an idea, go for it. It’s probably going to work out for you.

If you are struggling for inspiration, you can always talk to Dr Nick to find the root of your block and help deal with any stress that could be facing you.

Should you need more information about mental health or tackling issues in your life, you can visit the Stronger Minds blog.