Confidence Redefined: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Embracing Success

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Having confidence in ourselves is easier said than done, Dr Nick really appreciates this.

We all have that person in our lives that exudes confidence and leaves us thinking “I wish I could be like that”.

Well, wish no longer. Whilst we understand that it’s easier said than done to be confident – we have put together a few tips that could help guide you in the right direction.

Fake It Until You Make It

This saying could not be more true. If you are having a day when you may not be feeling your most confident, you do not need to show that to the world.

Rather than withering like an anxious flower, throwback your shoulders and stand high – perception is 9/10ths of the law after all.

The more you act confident, the more likely this is to become a natural habit or feature in everyday life. Before you know it, confidence will not have to be something that is faked as you’ll start realising your true potential.

If you fail at something, do not let that shake your confidence. Brush yourself off and try again.

Spend Some Time with Yourself

Have you ever heard the saying “the only person you can rely on is yourself?”

This is fitting with regards to confidence as confidence comes from oneself and no one else.

Set time aside to do things that you enjoy. Spending time on those activities that bring us happiness gives us confidence through our ability to do these activities successfully.

This can be anything, art, music, sewing, sport etc. – the list is limitless. Finding those things that you are good at allows you to believe in yourself. The more you do something, the better it gets.

Tip: When having a dreadful day, list things you are good at, enjoy or are grateful for to battle negativity.

Acknowledge Negative Thoughts

Everyone has negative thoughts in some way or another. Some have that voice that is small and only pops out occasionally to make some remark about something or another.

Those with mental health conditions, like anxiety and depression, may find that the negative voice or thoughts occur more often than they would like. It may comment on your appearance, relationships or anything else to do with your life that could bring stress or worry.

Rather than trying to shut out those negative thoughts and feelings and leaving them at risk of boiling over – acknowledge them.

This is a mindfulness technique and focuses on living in the moment and working on the present rather than fixation on the past or what is yet to come.

By recognising how you feel, it allows you to begin the process of dealing with those thoughts – even if it is saying to that negativity “thank you, but not right now”.

You would be surprised just how much this simple acknowledgement can help ease bad mental health.

So, how do you like to build your confidence?


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