Conquer Anxiety: Your Path to Healing Starts with Birmingham Therapy

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Do you feel like you suffer from extreme anxiety and are seeking therapy in Birmingham?

While everybody suffers from anxiety at some point, for many of us, it stops us living the life we want. More than 8 million people in the UK suffer from an anxiety disorder, according to statistics in the Telegraph, and it has become something of a modern epidemic, perhaps because we live in a world that many considering increasingly stressful.

Anxiety is linked to our primal ‘fight or flight’ response, which can lead to hyperarousal. In simple terms, this meant that when we were cavemen, we knew exactly when to run away. However, today we often feel anxious in situations where such feelings of unease are unwarranted.

One of the reasons it is so unpleasant is because it produces a variety of physical symptoms, such as sweaty palms, a racing heart and a feeling of being faint. None of these symptoms can normally hurt us, but they make us feel like we’re in real danger and that doom is around the corner.

Although certain levels of anxiety are normal, if it’s affecting your everyday life, then therapy may be effective.

Dr Nick regularly helps people who need therapy for anxiety in Birmingham. Using his extensive experience, he will tailor your treatment to meet your unique needs. Dr Nick has clinics in Birmingham, Solihull and London and has had extensive training. He can offer most patients an appointment within 48 hours.