When do you need to see a Clinical Psychologist for Anxiety Disorder?

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Anxiety is an adaptive mechanism designed to help people through tough times and when they are dealing with problems. But feeling too much of it can be a problem. Anxiety is often accompanied by irrational fears, like fear of criticism and lack of confidence. It can start very suddenly. Anxiety manifests itself differently in everyone. If you are someone who encounters anxiety regularly, here is how to know if you need a therapist for anxiety disorder.

How serious is living with anxiety?

8.2 million people suffer from Anxiety Disorder in the UK. People living in cities, such as Birmingham, Solihull and the City of London, are more likely to have it. Many people complain of anxiety disorders irrespective of their age or gender.

While the emotion of anxiety is entirely normal to occur before an important assignment or before an interview, anxiety becomes an anxiety disorder when you develop irrational fears and takes over your life, stopping you from doing the things that you love. If you think your anxiety disorder is restraining you from enjoying activities or behaving rationally, you should consider therapy for anxiety disorder. A psychologist in Birmingham, Solihull and the City of London can be of great help to fight off anxiety and live your life better.

How much does anxiety impact your life?

Anxiety is supposed to help you stay more alert and conscious in situations that require more attention. However, when an anxiety disorder stops you from living your fullest, it’s time to get therapy for anxiety disorder. It is understandable if you are anxious about seeing a clinical psychologist or a counsellor at first, most people are. To make this easier, find a psychologist in Birmingham near you.

If you are living in Birmingham, Solihull and the City of London, there is always an expert psychologist near you. This is important for some people because travelling can make their anxiety worse. Starting therapy with a psychologist or a counsellor near you can help you take your first steps to learn how to manage anxiety. Unlike some other people you encounter every day, your expert Clinical Psychologist will put you at ease so that you can talk and express comfortably without fear of being judged.

Is anxiety accompanied by panic attacks?

While anxiety can sometimes be terrifying in itself, panic attacks that accompany anxiety attacks can make things much worse. What is essentially a fight or flight response of the body in dangerous situations manifests itself as a panic attack in the form of excessive trembling, rapid heart rate, nausea, feeling faint, chest pain and breathing difficulties. Panic attacks can be disarming and leave you feeling weak and helpless. If you have ever suffered from a panic attack due to anxiety disorder, you should find yourself a psychologist in Birmingham, Solihull and the City of London.

How long have you had anxiety symptoms?

If you have been living with your anxiety symptoms, but are not sure if they are pointing to an anxiety disorder, you should arrange for a diagnostic assessment in one of the clinics in Birmingham, Solihull and the City of London. This will help you determine if you have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is not a disorder you have to just live with. If you have been struggling with anxiety-like symptoms, you should consult a psychologist near you for a psychological assessment to find out if there is an underlying problem.

Anxiety, mild or strong, can keep you from living your life fully. If you live in Birmingham, consulting with a Birmingham Consultant Clinical Psychologist will help you identify the causes of your anxiety. It will also help you understand the symptoms of your anxiety and learn anxiety management from an expert near you. Not only will they help you fight your fears, but also advise you whether you need to seek suitable medication that helps alleviate anxiety symptoms. For more information about psychotherapy and counselling for anxiety disorders read our page on anxiety and anxiety management.